Frequently Asked Questions


Does Pomona Catholic offer English as a Second Language for international students?

Pomona Catholic does not offer ESL (English as a Second Language) support. Students must have strong English language skills and be able to participate in lectures, reading and writing in English. 


Does Pomona Catholic have boarding facilities?

Pomona Catholic does not have boarding facilities.  We keep a list of families that are willing to be host families.  But students and their families are responsible for choosing an appropriate host family.


Does Pomona Catholic work with any international student agency?

Pomona Catholic does not work with any specific international student agency. If the student would like to apply through an agency, we will work with the agency the student chooses.


What tests does Pomona Catholic require for admission?

Pomona Catholic does not require any tests for admission.  The counselor will evaluate the students’ language comprehension during an online or in-person interview.  If the students are accepted, they will be given math and English placement tests to determine the proper class placement.